Hi, I’m Rupert, a web developer/cybersecurity enthusiast and marketer based on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. I have a pretty broad set of skills and experience ranging from digital photography and copywriting to microsoldering.

I’m available for hire for remote work internationally as well as throughout Turkey. If you’re interested in hiring me, connect with me on LinkedIn or get in touch using the information here.

Creatures: Neural Networks in the Nineties

In 1996, Steve Grand and Cyberlife released their virtual life simulation game Creatures. Rather than using a rules-based system to govern the behavior of the game’s titular creatures, Cyberlife made the unusual decision to take a bottom-up approach, simulating genetics, brain activity and biochemistry in a way that mirrored real life biological processes and that has defined all major games in the series since.

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LUA 3.2 in Freelancer’s Real-Time Cutscenes

When I was (much) younger, I spent an embarrassingly large amount of time playing a game called Freelancer. Freelancer was released in 2003 by Digital Anvil, then a subsidiary of Microsoft and had, up until very late in it’s development, been headed up by Chris Roberts of Star Citizen fame.

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